WIPO NEWS: Changes to the amounts of individual fees

According to the latest Information Notices issued by WIPO there will be changes regarding the amounts of the individual fees in the countries mentioned below. The new amounts will apply for international applications, subsequent designations and applications‘ renewals.

The concerned contracting parties of the Madrid Protocol are as follows:

  • United Kingdom (as from 10.12.2016):

→ Application or subsequent designation: 227 CHF for one class of goods and services, 63 CHF for each additional class;

→ Renewal: 252 CHF for one class, 63 CHF for each additional class.

  • United States of America (starting on 14.01.2017):

→ Application and subsequent designation: 388 CHF for each class of goods and services;

→ Renewal: 291 CHF for each class of goods and services.

  • Japan (14.12.2016)

→ Application or subsequent designation: (First part) 108 CHF for one class, 82 CHF for each additional class of goods and services; (Second part) 269 CHF for each class.

→ Renewal: 371 CHF for each class of goods and services.

Source: www.wipo.int


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