Service for right holers at Ebay: Veri-Tool

For right holders, which see an infringement of their rights at the internet auction platform Ebay, Ebay has established a special service with easy access also via elektronic means. With the so-called veri-tool, right holders who see an infringement of their rights out of trademark law or copyright law, can specifically request the deletion of an offer. From ebay, the request is examined and afterwards, an infringing offer is deleted. According to our experience, the examination is quite strict, i.e. the instruction given by Ebay should be followed.

In case that this instruction is not followed, the rigth holder is of course free to issue a warning. As for this procedure, regularly lawyers are consulted, the lawyers costs have to be reimbursed. These costs are not negigible especially when it is about a well-known trademark. To do nothing would be by far the worst advice; it is more preferible in case of doubts to get a legal advice from an expert.

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